Sanibel’s Shell Fair is NOW!

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Sanibel’s 74th Annual Shell Fair & Show

For those of you lucky to be here now, the Shell Fair & Show is going on through tomorrow.  It takes place at The Sanibel Community House, 2173 Periwinkle Way (across from our office).  Hours are 9 a.m.-5 p.m.  today and 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday.  This show continues to draw shell enthusiasts from around the world.  We hope to see some walk-ins from it too. 

Bailey Family Homestead

SCCF’s “Honoring the Past – Protecting the Future” $5.3 million campaign to acquire the 28.3-acre homestead is approaching the $3 million mark.  The purchase option has a June 24, 2011 deadline.

IrishFest Coming Soon 

The Bailey’s Center Merchants’ Association will host IrishFest on Thurs, March 17, from 4 p.m.-7 p.m.  Sanibel residents and guests are invited to celebrate the Irish national holiday with Irish food and drink, music, and dancing.  The BIG ARTS Chorus will be performing too. Plan to come hear SanibelSusan sing!

Inventory Lists

With many recent price reductions and plenty of island sales activity, if you are interested in seeing what is for sale and, for comparison, recent sales, send SanibelSusan a quick e-mail at and she will e-mail you back any or all of the following inventory lists: Sanibel condos, Sanibel homes, Sanibel lots, and Captiva properties.  Prices are down, but it being “high season”, the island is busy and property is moving again. Just eight more weeks of high season remain, but there still are plenty of good deals to be had.  

Sanibel & Captiva MLS Activity Feb 25 – Mar 4:

7 new listings:  Colonnades #C10 1/1 $185K, Sundial #J103 1/1 $429K, Ibis at The Sanctuary #A101 2/2 $450K, Loggerhead Cay #311 2/2 $549K, Loggerhead Cay #562 2/2 $565.5K, Sunward #101 3/2 $875K, Surfside 12 #C4 3/2 $935K.
9 price changes:  Colonnades #C41 1/1 now $179K, Tennisplace #A34 2/1.5 now $259.9K (our listing), Sundial #C208 1/1 now $315K, Pointe Santo #D42 2/2 now $679K, Tarpon Beach #110 2/2 now $695K, Shorewood #1D 3/2 now $870K, Plantation Village #A212 3/2 now $949K, Villas of Sanibel #A301 3/3 now $1.295M, Seascape #105 3/3 now $2.7M. 
5 new sales:  Mariner Pointe #733 2/2 listed for $299K (our listing), White Caps South #7 1/1 listed for $399K, Villa Sanibel #3C 2/2 listed for $470K, Sundial #Q205 3/2 listed for $699K, Seascape #302 3/3 listed for $895K.
3 closed sales:  Sanibel Siesta #203 2/2 $299K, Breakers West #A4 2/2 $420K, Pointe Santo #D36 2/2 $539K.
8 new listings:  1403 Sandpiper Cir 3/2.5 1/2 duplex $374K (our listing), 617 Lake Murex Cir 3/2 $637.5K, 4632 Rue Belle Mer 3/2 $672.9K, 248 Daniel Dr 2/2 $719K, 1224 Buttonwood Ln 3/2 $739K, 6188 Henderson 2/2 $799K, 1255 Par View Dr 4/4 $1.175M, 1918 Woodring Rd 4/4 $2.999M.
19 price changes:  9292 Kincaid Ct 3/2 now $378K, 799 Casa Ybel Rd 4/3 duplex now $424K, 1841 Ibis Ln 2/1 now $462.9K, 424 East Gulf Dr 4/2 duplex now $495K, 731 Nerita St 3/2 now $549K, 317 Palm Lake Dr 3/3 now $675K, 6101 Castaways Ln 4/2 now $695K (short sale), 9003 Mockingbird 5/4 now $725K, 1241 Junonia St 3/3 now $729K, 486 Surf Sound Ct 3/3.5 now $729K, 700 Heather Ln 3/2.5 now $795K, 1035 South Yachtsman Dr 5/4.5 now $799K, 947 Lindgren Blvd 3/2 now $839.9K, 2332 Troon Ct 4/5 now $999K (short sale), 2367 Wulfert Rd 4/3.5 now $1.424.9M, 1751 Jewel Box Dr 4/4 now $1.6M, 5391 Shearwater Dr 3/3.5 now $1.849M, 4501 Waters Edge Ln 4/5/2 now $2.145M, 4949 Joewood Dr 5/5 now $3.295M.
6 new sales:  9428 Moonlight Dr 3/2 listed for $489K, 1824 Farm Trail 3/2 listed for $585K, 4714 Rue Belle Mer 3/2 listed for $699K, 549 East Rocks Dr 3/2.5 listed for $749K, 4150 Dingman Dr 5/5 listed for $995K (short sale), 5729 Baltusrol Ct 3/3.5 listed for $1.195M.
9 closed sales:  743 Martha’s Ln 2/2 $381K, 1809 Farm Trail 3/2 $430K, 1805 Farm Trail 3/2 $500K, 1302 Par View Dr 3/3 $575K, 1262 Par View Dr 3/2 $590K, 1405 Causey Ct 3/2 $620K, 3894 West Gulf Dr 4/3 $730K, 2311 Starfish Ln 4/3 $905K, 475 Sawgrass Pl 4/3.5 $1.075M.
No new listings.
1 price change:  2285 Wulfert Rd now $189K (short sale).
2 closed sales:  1253 Par View Dr $327.5K, Old Trail $250K.
3 new listings:  Sunset Beach Villas #2325 2/2 $595K, Lands End Village #1649 2/2 $1.15M, Lands End Village #1663 2/2 $1.15M.
2 price changes:  Sunset Beach Villas #2323 1/1 now $475K, Bayside Villas #4322 3/3 now $595K.
1 new sale:  Sunset Beach Villas #2312 1/1 listed for $479K.
No new sales.
1 new listing:  11450 Dickey Ln 4/5.5 $2.395M.
5 price changes:  11523 Wightman Ln 4/4 now $1.679.9M, 15127 Captiva Dr 8/6.5 duplex now $1.795M (short sale), 16171 Captiva Dr 4/4.5 now $1.785M, 1073 South Seas Plantation Rd 3/3 now $1.85M, 16310 Captiva Dr 4/5.5 now $4.9M.
No new sales.
1 closed sale:  11541 Wightman Ln 3/3 $1.4M.
Nothing to report.

This representation is based in whole or in part on data supplied by the Sanibel & Captiva Islands Association of Realtors or its Multiple Listing Service.  Neither the association nor its MLS guarantees or is in any way responsible for its accuracy.  Data maintained by the association or its MLS may not reflect all real estate activity in the market.  The information provided represents the general real estate activity in the community and does not imply that SanibelSusan Realty Associates is participating or participated in these transactions.  If your property currently is listed with another broker, this is not intended as a solicitation of that listing.