Sanibel & Captiva Real Estate News from Orlando to the Islands

Fl Realtors Mid-Winter 2015 logoIt’s a group effort today. I (Susan) am in Orlando at the Florida Realtors® Mid-Winter Business Meetings, while David and Elise are in the office minding the store.
Several of our listings had showings this week and island traffic picked up appreciably again over the holiday weekend, though many of those here on Monday seemed to be day-trippers.
I was out showing canal-front property both Saturday and Sunday and teammate Dave has been fielding several inquiries both last week and this from several entry-level buyers.
Open house signAnother cooperative group Open House is scheduled at The Sanctuary on the afternoon of February 4. We will have our listing at 5743 Balstusrol Court open then as The SanibelSusan Team continues to host open houses there and at other vacant listings as they are available.
After a few news items below is the action posted over the last seven days in the Sanibel & Captiva Islands Multiple Listing Service.
Florida Realtors® 2015 Mid-Winter Meetings
Florida Realtors logoThe Florida Realtors® Mid-Winter Meetings in Orlando each January are when the state leadership team sets the stage for the year. I arrived in time for Wednesday’s Economic Summit where the future of the economy internationally and nationally, was further broken down to the state level, then by county.
Indications are that 2015 will be a good one for real estate sales in most of Florida. Lee County is one of the top areas experiencing a growth spurt again.
The profile of the prospective Florida buyer still varies greatly from east to west coast with little activity here from Asian and South America buyers which are a huge component on the east coast. Florida’s terrific weather, low gas prices, Panama Canal expansion, consumer confidence, general increased savings by the population, and pent-up demand are the biggest contributors to the bright outlook for future sales here.
(Interestingly, as we were preparing this update, teammate Dave pointed out the recent reports by Reuter and others about the weakening of the euro against the dollar and how that likely will affect European business which plays a key role in the economy of South Florida (both coasts). Additionally, with other recent reports this week of Russians looking to back out of U.S. sales contracts because of the fall of the ruble, it will be interesting to see how the year advances. The SanibelSusan Team’s business with international buyers has increased over the years, sometimes because of referrals through our sphere of influence, networking, and memberships in international real estate organizations. These economic snapshots are just that, so important to watch, and ever changing.)
SanCap2015RPAC awardsLast night, The Sanibel & Captiva Islands Association of Realtors® again took home four of five state awards for RPAC contributions. We keep trying to win that 5th one too. Maybe next year!
government_affairs_rpac_logo_homeSanibel & Captiva continually earn the state prize for highest-percentage participation over goal mostly because our members recognize how important those contributions are. Realtor associations® get state and national support and monies back when they are needed for issues that affect real estate and property rights locally.
In past years, the islands have benefited from these dollars in efforts to improve water quality, promote beach re-nourishment, and ensure build-back.
realtor logoLater today, I am participating in a Professionalism Forum which is covering a new Ombudsman Program that has been mandated nationally for all local associations to adopt by 2016. This program averts the filing of ethics complaints through enhanced communication and problem-solving techniques.
SanCapAssnLogoAs the 2015 Chairman of Sanibel/Captiva’s Grievance Committee, this new program on the islands likely will make my job easy. Fortunately, the islands association rarely gets complaints from either the public or Realtors, but we are prepared just the same. More importantly we educate our members that strong ethics and the doing business by the golden rule are key.
Tomorrow, the Professional Development Committee meeting in the morning will cover motions from the Curriculum Subcommittee, Faculty Subcommittee, and Faculty and Program Development Subcommittee. This Committee is the group that handles all of the education for our members. No work for me on the Audition Panel this time, I have been appointment as a full committee member.
Late morning, I will play a role at the Professional Standards Forum where new national Core Standards including Citation Programs will be presented in a series of short vignettes. No costumes this year as these standards are serious changes. Sanibel and Captiva Islands Association has already adopted a Citation Program too. For a small association, we are very pro-active.
RSPS LogoIn the afternoon, I am a member of the Resort and Second-Home Specialists Forum where in addition to the information shared, it results in networking that brings The SanibelSusan Team business. Owners of real estate in resort areas often purchase more than one property. This state exposure, keeps in the minds of colleagues around the state who similarly work the resort and second-home market.
Tomorrow night after the District meetings (our District also covers Naples, Marco Island, Bonita/Estero, Fort Myers & The Beach, and Cape Coral), I will attend the Inaugural Banquet featuring the installation of the Florida Realtors® 2015 Officers, District Vice Presidents, and Presidents of Florida’s Chapters of National Association of Realtors® Institutes, Societies, and Councils.
Wondering how this convention-type stuff helps business? I am a firm believer that volunteering time and giving back to your profession brings rewards. It has worked so far and it keeps us ahead of the curve in industry happenings. I am pleased to be appointed to these state committees and happy to bring back all of the news and handouts to share with our local association members.
Sunday morning will have me on the road heading back to the island where I likely will be in the office by mid-afternoon. Meanwhile, teammates Elise and Dave are in the office today, with Lisa and Dave covering tomorrow, and Sunday morning. (Of course, I have been doing some wheeling and dealing by email/phone while here too.)
LCEC Rate Decrease
Lcec logoGood news from Lee County Electric Co-op. In their January newsletter, it says “While many utilities are increasing electric rates, LCEC is reducing rates for the second year in a row. 2015 begins the seventh year LCEC has not raised electric rates….The LCEC Board of Trustees approved a decrease in the PCA from $16.65 per 1,000 kWh to $14.60 per 1,000 kWh….”
In the same newsletter were some reminders of some no-cost ways to help keep even more money in your pocket:
  • “Manage your thermostat – no lower than 78 degrees in summer; no higher than 68 degrees in winter.
  • Use ceiling fans only when you are in the room..
  • Turn lights off when you aren’t in the room.
  • Clean fridge coils regularly.
  • Only run dishwasher/clothes washer when they are full.
  • Use microwave, toaster oven, crock pot more often.”
Sanibel & Captiva Multiple Listing Service Activity January 16-23 
3 new listings: Sundial #O201 2/2 $749K, Kings Crown #317 2/2 $940K, Kinzie Island #A 4/3.5 $2.495M.
2 price changes: Sandpiper Beach #504 2/2 now $669K, Sand Pointe #214 2/2 now $729K
7 new sales: Captains Walk #E5 2/2 listed for $299K, Lighthouse Point #215 3/2 listed for $575K, Pointe Santo #B4 2/2 listed for $664K, Loggerhead Cay #522 2/2 listed for $695K, Sand Pointe #228 2/2 listed for $799K, Gulfside Place #125 2/2 listed for $1.17M, Wedgewood #305 3/3.5 listed for $1.369K.
2 closed sales: Loggerhead Cay #322 2/2 $495K, Sundial #Q202 2/2 $650K.
9 new listings: 1550 Bunting Ln 2/2 $399K, 9475 Bunting Ln 3/2 $547.9K, 240 Southwinds Dr 3/2 $549K, 3724 Agate Ct 2/2 $585K, 1460 Court Pl 6/5.5 (multi-family) $699K, 9445 Beverly Ln 3/2 $799K, 6101 Castaways Ln 4/2 $880K, 461 Lighthouse Way 4/4 $1.995M, 2980 Wulfert Rd 4/6.5 $2.995M.
8 price changes: 702 Donax St 2/2 now $415K, 3716 Coquina Dr 3/2 now $459K, 1347 Jamaica Dr 2/2 now $615K, 9446 Beverly Ln 3/3.5 now $629K (short sale), 190 Violet Dr 3/2.5 now $1.05M, 1990 Sunrise Cir 4/3.5 now $1.295M, 2981 Wulfert Rd 4/4.5 now $1.595M, 1272 Isabel Dr 4/4.5 now $3.575M.
14 new sales: 1452 Sandpiper Cir 2/2 half-duplex listed for $359K, 1550 Bunting Ln 2/2 listed for $399K, 938 Palm St 3/2 listed for $425K, 315 East Gulf 3/2 half-duplex listed for $449K, 317 East Gulf 3/2 half-duplex listed for $449K, 739 Elinor Way 3/3 listed for $579K, 1026 Bird Watch Way 3/2 listed for $589K, 6001 Clam Bayou Ln 3/2 listed for $789K, 228 Hurricane Ln 3/2.5 listed for $799K, 2470 Harbour Ln 3/3 listed for $999.9K, 1748 Jewel Box Dr 4/4 listed for $1.098M, 3744 West Gulf Dr 4/4 listed for $1.595M, 561 Lighthouse Way 5/4 listed for $1.895M, 4577 Waters Edge Ln 4/3 listed for $2.995M.
5 closed sales: 589 Rabbit Rd 2/2 $435K; 1644 Bunting Ln 3/3 $460K; 4599 Brainard Bayou Rd 3/2/2 $520K; 1710 Middle Gulf Dr 3/2 $691,675; 9448 Cotten Ct 3/2 $864K.
No new listings or price changes.
1 new sale: Beverly Ln (Lot 19) listed for $196K.
No closed sales.
3 new listings: Bayside Villas #4206 1/2 $299K, Lands End Village #1601 2/2 $1.259M, Captiva Bay Villas #D 3/3.5 $3.595M.
No price changes.
2 new sales: Tennis Villas #3232 2/2 listed for $499K, Beach Homes #18 4/3 listed for $2.675M.
No closed sales.
2 new listings: 11520 Andy Rosse Ln 5/5 $2.34M, 13550 Palmflower Ln 4/3.5 $5.495M.
No price changes.
1 new sale: 15301 Captiva Dr listed for $2.249M.
No closed sales.
1 new listing: 956 South Seas Plantation Rd $2.5M.
No price changes, new or closed sales.
This representation is based, in whole, or in part, on data supplied by the Sanibel & Captiva Islands Association of Realtors® or its Multiple Listing Service. Neither the association nor its MLS guarantees or is in any way responsible for its accuracy.