Terrific Videos “Sanctuary Islands: The Sanibel Legacy” & “The History of Southwest Florida: Sanibel – The Untold Stories”

This message was posted today on www.mysanibel.com:

 “Today, the City of Sanibel released the second in a series of four videos provided by WGCU, documenting the history of Sanibel.

“Residents and visitors can now view the history of Sanibel and learn about the City’s water quality initiatives while in the comfort of their own home or anywhere they are connected to the world wide internet.

“Upon release of the second video, City Manager Judie Zimomra stated, “Everyone interested in our community’s unique history is invited to enjoy this classic video made available from our friends at WGCU.”

Please click here to view video 2 of 4: “The History of Southwest Florida: Sanibel I – The Untold Stories”

Please click here to view video 1 of 4: “Sanctuary Islands: The Sanibel Legacy.”

“Video 3 (“Untold Stories of Southwest Florida – Sanibel: After the Ferry) and Video 4 (“Untold Stories of Southwest Florida – The Sanibel Causeway: A Vital Link”) will be released to the City’s website in the near future.”